Improved levels of protection for electric vehicle (EV) charge points installed in warehouse and distribution centre car parks are provided by a new range of high-performance solutions from Brandsafe, the UK impact protection equipment specialist. 

There are currently in excess of 30,000 electric vehicle charge points across the UK in over 11,000 locations*. Furthermore, the Department for Transport has allocated £10m to local councils to fund the installation of an additional 7,200 commercial charging stations by 2021. 

The resilient, cost-effective and flexible EV charge point protection range from Brandsafe is ideal for the all round protection of new or current EV charge point installations from vehicles in car park areas and features an array of durable and impact resistant bollards, wheel stops and Armco barriers. 

For light and medium duty applications, such as private office or public car parks, ImpactSAFE Protection Posts are available in either 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm height options. These bollards are strong and robust and feature different colour options to suit individual requirements, offering added safety and visibility for vehicle drivers when they are either reversing up to or pulling alongside a charge point. 

In heavy-duty applications, where there is a higher risk of impact damage, ImpactSAFE Heavy Duty Bollards should be utilised. These bollards, which are available in 1000mm, 1300mm or 1600mm height options, are highly reflective and feature shock absorbing rubber buffers to deflect the force of impact away from critical areas, offering the requisite protective benefits for industrial use. 

Vehicle traffic routing Armco safety barriers can also be installed in industrial areas to protect either individual or multiple charge points, providing a further level of protection against vehicle impact damage. The barriers come with hardwearing and weather resistant polyethylene corner and end sections to further protect electric vehicle (EV) charge points from collision damage.  

A selection of highly visible and hardwearing vehicle wheel stops, which are quick and easy to install and moulded from recycled truck tyres, are also available as part of this new range. These can be specified to suit all applications, with solutions available to accommodate everything from domestic vehicles to commercial vans and HGVs. As with the bollards, various colours of wheel stops are available to match the client’s requirements. 

Standard product packages have been created by Brandsafe to suit the application and location of EV charge points, but customers can also opt for bespoke solutions to suit their individual requirements. 

Paul Roehricht, UK strategic account manager for Brandsafe, said: “The EV market in the UK is growing rapidly and operators need to protect their charge points from damage and loss. Our new range of added value impact resistant solutions offers a comprehensive, cost effective and accessible way to safeguard these investments.” 

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