New foldable large container for Automotive parts logistics.

New foldable large container for Automotive parts logistics.

Especially designed for the Automotive supply chain, a unique shallow foldable large
box has been developed by Schoeller Allibert: The Magnum Optimum® 595. This brandnew
box increases efficiency thanks to less weight, more usable volume, improved
ergonomics and smooth design. A one-of-a-kind solution, designed to push the
boundaries of containers for the automotive sector.
The Magnum Optimum®595 is designed to become the most efficient logistics solution thanks
to its size and modular system, its capacities, its identification and safety options and moreover
its easy and cost-effective maintenance. With a 295 mm incremental height when folded, this
product offers the highest folding ratio on the market, allowing up to 208 empty ones in a
standard truck and up to 78 when fully loaded. The special design of the Magnum
Optimum®595 includes a versatile modular system which allows this big foldable container to
increase its volume with the Optiframe®spacer by 105mm or even include a dunnage to secure
textile or soft dividers.
The 595 mm height was developed for high density and low volume parts which maximises
vehicle fill while minimising the logistics cost but also carbon footprint. Depending on the truck
used for the transport, it is possible to load up to 10 folded containers and up to 5 fully loaded
containers. With a 750kg dynamic unit load and 3 200kg stacking load, the Magnum
Optimum®595 is the strongest foldable large container on the market.
This remarkable new design also offers many safety and identification options. The Magnum
Optimum®595 is created to meet the expectation of the customers for whom tracking and
safety are essential pillars. Smooth and straight surfaces, easy to clean (no dirt or water
retention), as well as the non-sequential folding and easy-to-use locking devices make it a safe
and operator-friendly container.
The Magnum Optimum®595 offers multiple identification options which will ensure an easy
tracking and fleet management. Recessed zones for permanent labels on all sides with bar
code labels, as well as large inserts for customization on each wall will allow the customer to
easily identify its products with their logo on each box. Label holders on doors and walls are
included, but the must is definitely the multiple RFID labels or IOT beacons (it can be equipped
on demand), allowing a 100% accurate and individual packaging management.
Easy to use but also easy to assemble and maintain, all parts of this container are clipped
and/or assembled by bayonets which makes all parts, sides and doors easy to change. The
lifespan is increased and the maintenance costs reduced and at the end it can also be recycled,
eliminating all packaging waste.
“Better, safer, stronger, although it was a real challenge, we wanted to offer the best of our
technology with this new container, while also ensuring an environmental friendly product.”
explained Ludo Gielen, Chief Strategic Growth Officer of Schoeller Allibert.