New NexSys ‘bloc’ batteries optimise small motive power applications

New NexSys ‘bloc’ batteries optimise small motive power applications

Smaller machines can now enjoy the full benefit of Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology thanks to the latest NexSys 12V batteries from EnerSys. Versions of both the NexSys CORE and NexSys PURE blocs have been optimised for small traction motive power applications including smaller types of AGV. The blocs are ideal for sectors like food production, food logistics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

Manufactured with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, NexSys batteries have more plate surface area for higher power density and increased efficiency. Capable of high-energy throughput and up to 160% capacity per 24 hours, NexSys batteries provide longer life and full charging in less than half the time of conventional lead acid batteries. The net result is to increase productivity and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Thanks to TPPL technology, the batteries don’t need water topping up while their virtually zero emissions are ideal for sensitive environments. 

NexSys bloc batteries provide exceptional performance and flexibility for small traction applications, making them the ideal choice for small automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Battery performance demands are intensifying in this rapidly growing sectors.  

Ideal for opportunity charging, NexSys bloc batteries provide strong advantages in airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) applications by offering ground support crews the added flexibility of charging between flights. 

NexSys CORE bloc batteries are the original variant based on TPPL technology. By opportunity charging frequently through the day, NexSys CORE batteries can deliver an energy throughput equivalent to 100% of its nominal capacity and are ideal for low-to-medium duty applications.  

NexSys PURE 12 volt bloc batteries take the energy efficiency, charging flexibility and longevity advantages even further. Their active material formulation is enhanced by the addition of carbon which reduces sulphation, increases surface area and porosity, lowers internal resistance and delivers fast recharge and exceptional partial state of charge (PSoC) cycling performance. 

Fast charging, exceptional PSoC cycling performance and 160% energy throughput enable two-shift or even three-shift operation with multiple opportunity charges. Battery lifetime is 1,500 cycles at 60% depth of discharge (DoD) and longer at shallow DoD. Provided that discharges deeper than 60% are avoided, NexSys PURE blocs will substantially reduce energy consumption, battery replacements and therefore TCO in intensive (medium – heavy duty) applications. 

Further time is saved by the NexSys batteries’ virtually maintenance-free operation, with no need for water top-ups. Moreover, gassing is minimal and acid spillage is prevented by secure sealing. This avoids the need for a charging room, with its associated running expenses, and instead permits batteries to be charged directly in the workplace.  

TPPL batteries have extremely thin lead plates which can be packed at a much higher density than those of a flooded or gel battery, to provide more power. The lead’s purity is another key to their superior energy efficiency, while their electrolyte is securely held in absorbent glass mat (AGM) plate separators.