New Safety product range will Interest Freight and Logistics Operators.

New Safety product range will Interest Freight and Logistics Operators.

SumoSafe safety products for anyone who operates a Forklift and especially for freight and logistics operators.

With offices and distribution centres based in the UK, United States, Canada  and Australia, SumoSafe Global is a new company offering a range of products that make forklift trucks safer to operate and significantly reduce damage to palletized loads during the lift truck handling process.

“The SumoSafe range includes a number of ingeniously simple yet highly innovative designs that make a real difference to any forklift operator’s business – both in terms of safety and the cost savings that can be made by eliminating product damage,” says SumoSafe’s co-founder, Simon Ross.

The range of safety products for forklift trucks are designed to;

  • Lessen the damage that forklift tynes cause,
  • Make it easier for operators to see beyond their loads,
  • Eliminate the cause of pulling loads down upon the operators, and
  • Protect the operators of stand-up industrial trucks against accidental rearward collisions with racking systems.

The best way to see the four products is by looking at the short action videos on the home page of website  where you will also find short and long descriptions of their values along with reports from independent industrial testing and analysis and case studies. SUMOSAFE also has a fifth product called SUMOSafeFork which allows you to buy the factory fitted onto high grade forks.

He continues: “And, of course, forklift-related product damage within the supply chain is a significant and expensive issue for a great many businesses. In fact, it is probably a bigger problem than the industry is prepared to admit with companies in a broad range of sectors suffering huge bottom-line losses every year as a result of careless handling.”

“Any company that operates a forklift truck fleet – from a single truck upwards – has a duty to ensure that its lift truck operators and the personnel who work around forklifts have the safest possible working environment.“The benefit to any organization that installs SumoSafe technology will be quickly realized,” says Simon Ross. “They improve operational efficiency and workplace safety to such an extent that payback is almost immediate.”

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