Office equipment haulier Relay sees smartphone benefits

Improved communications between haulage and logistics operators and their drivers is being provided by a handy, easy-to-use app from transport management technology specialists, Mandata Ltd, as more companies opt to use the mobile application.

The Mandata Manifest app is an advanced digital solution, which enables the driver to receive work instructions and see at a glance, via a suitable smartphone device, the sequence of jobs and manifest details, which are updated with changes throughout the day.

In turn, this also allows the transport operator to ensure that customers are better informed of the progress of an order via a robust paperless manifest to proof-of-delivery (POD) solution.

Incorporating a range of accessible and convenient features, the app offers a reliable connection between the haulage operator’s back-office traffic planning systems and its drivers powering a fast, reliable and more economical way of sharing of data and information.

The Manifest App is quick and easy-to-use and designed to operate on any Android or (Apple) iOS platform, Windows 10 Universal phone, or compatible device. This enables any operator to benefit from using the latest mobile technology, providing significant cost and time saving advantages through the supply chain on the back of added value features/services.

These include manifests, job status updates, electronic documents and images of paperwork – effectively streamlining the transfer of timely information to provide greater transparency throughout the supply chain.

Inbuilt flexibility and versatility ensures that the app can be used effectively on either the driver’s personal smartphone or a device provided by the transport operator. The driver can also benefit from using other work-related apps, such as the Mandata Vehicle Checks app or Mandata SmartDriveTM driver behaviour app, as part of a comprehensive technology package.

Specifically developed for the road haulage and logistics sector, the Manifest app is part of a range of state-of-the-art transport management solutions from Mandata. These bring together operational information into PC or cloud-based systems which link to vehicle and driver smartphones out on the road.

The technology, which can simplify the planning of work, track operations and monitor driver behaviour and vehicle performance levels, automates critical processes, eliminating time-consuming repetitive tasks, providing fleet visibility in real-time and alerting operators and drivers to any issues.

One haulier reaping the benefits of the Manifest app is Relay Technical Transport, the Iver-based firm transporting and installing photocopiers, printers, vending machines, computers, and coffee machines among various other pieces of office equipment to national and international customers.

Stuart Berry, the firm’s internal process manager, says the app is a real boon, enabling his business to update progress on all delivery and collections in real-time.

“More and more of our customers are looking for up-to-date information that helps them track their deliveries up to and including the point of delivery. The electronic POD signature, which is date and timed stamped, is becoming increasingly accepted as valid confirmation of this.”

He adds that being able to choose from a wide range of mobile devices on the market meant they were able to find a smartphone, which met both the functional needs of their crews and economic needs of the business.

“We opted for the LG Stylus 2 smartphone, which as well as in-built navigation software doubles-up as the main vehicle phone and has been well received by our crews.”

“They’re also able to capture images on-site and on the road, which are then linked directly to the jobs in question. All this can be fed back to customers as evidence of potential site access problems, damage to goods, or RTAs and other traffic related issues, boosting further levels of customer service and care.”