ONLINE MARKETPLACE ON BOARD WITH SMARTFREIGHT, the world’s fastest-growing online marketplace which helps sellers expand their reach, can now add a streamlined parcel delivery service after integrating SmartFreight’s carrier management system into its platform.

It’s the first time that international shipping software specialist SmartFreight has secured an online marketplace as a partner, providing sellers with access to a shipping platform that makes the whole process of order delivery effortless from start to finish. Connecting buyers and sellers through a safe, secure platform, OnBuy supports a huge range of online retailers from small, niche businesses to leading household names, selling everything from pet supplies to beauty products and tech goods.

Partnering with SmartFreight will help OnBuy’s merchants make light work of negotiating the maze of transport providers by enabling them to find optimised shipping routes based on a specific, search criteria that works for each individual business and also meets customers’ expectations.

The partnership will provide full functionality for sellers to ensure that consignments are delivered in the quickest, cheapest or greenest way. They will also have the advantage of access to over 650 different transport providers across the world, including the UK’s top carriers.

Pete du Pon, OnBuy’s partner manager, said: “Our partnership with SmartFreight is an exciting one. Alongside connectivity for sellers, it will allow both parties’ customers to utilise the services of each other. Partnering with companies like SmartFreight enables OnBuy to expand and bolster our offering for online sellers, leading to business growth.”

Mr du Pon says another benefit for OnBuy’s customers is SmartFreight’s option for tracking shipments from processing and dispatch to customs and delivery, meaning sellers can be proactive rather than reactive should any delivery issues arise, leading to a better customer experience and improved seller reputation.

Teaming up with SmartFreight also reinforces reporting and financial controls through invoice reconciliation, synchronising sales, payments and warehouse operations as well as eliminating human error, reducing time, duplication and costs on activities like order processing, picking, packing, labelling, shipping and tracking.

OnBuy has joined hundreds of organisations across the UK and Ireland already using the SmartFreight platform, particularly suited to e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing businesses for efficient and quick deliveries of goods.

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