Positive news: announcing a partnership to empower and strengthen members

Positive news: announcing a partnership to empower and strengthen members

FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS announces a Strategic Partnership Programme with Smiths News to offer its self-employed contractors’ access to discount diesel and petrol throughout the UK with our fuel card products.  

Bob Mortimer, Head of Delivery Contractors, explains, why this partnership is so important. “We have over 30,000 retailers in our network waiting for their newspapers and publications that we distribute to be available on the shop shelves before morning opening times. We use over 1,450 dedicated, self-employed contractors to make this happen in their vans. This operation is truly a nightly miracle with over 40 million newspapers and 14 million magazines delivered every week in time every time 364 days a year.  

“At Smiths News, we value our self-employed contractor model as one of our most significant assets, and Covid-19 has made it tough for many businesses. We are introducing a Business Basic Buying Scheme to reduce the operating costs of our self-employed contractors at a critical time in the economy. Enabling them to strengthen their operations and increase the longevity of their contract with us, it is a real win-win. 

“The point of this scheme is to give group buying power to the individual business owner, and it includes van hire, lease or purchase, van insurance, tyres, and fuel, which is a van operating contractor’s biggest bill. Naturally, I approached the more prominent fuel card brands but found that due to the Coronavirus situation, many of them were not as responsive to my propositions. I was recommended FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS by one of the business partners already on the Business Basic Buying Scheme. Laura Archbold from Trifle procurement who understood my vision, Laura knew the ideal partner to make this happen. (Find Laura Archbold on “transforming the way you buy”.) 

“Within the first hour of talking to Sales Manager, Michael Gallacher, I knew he understood our business and what I was trying to arrange for our contractors. He provided a list of fuel cards and we shortened it to the best four deals.  

“What made me happy with the service from Michael, was that he was prepared to focus on a local business approach with the highest level of agility providing a national business proposition. It was this flexibility and understanding of the complex supply chain that we operate in which has made this partnership grow. At no point did Michael say, ‘we can’t do that’ instead he found a solution to every permutation I threw at him.” 

Michael agrees, “We believe that the whole point of fuel cards is to deliver real savings. Any contractor can now benefit from a typical saving of up to 10p per litre on national average pump prices. When they pick any of our comprehensive range of commercial rate fuel cards, there will be no transaction charges, network fees or other surcharges. With other suppliers, they could expect £2 or more to be added to the bill every time they refuel.” 

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Bob Mortimer, Head of Delivery Contractors, Smiths News 

Michael adds, “There is no account set up fee for Smiths News contractors. The fuel cards are issued free of charge, a saving of £12 per card. This is just an overview, and there are plenty more ways I can help save you money, for more details just complete the enquiry form, and I will be back in touch.” 

When you enquire, there is no pushing towards any fuel card product, but there is plenty of impartial advice on the most appropriate supplier for each business needs. The range includes fuel cards that are valid at BP, Esso, Shell, and Texaco sites as well as supermarkets (Fuelgenie), independent retailers and specialist diesel networks, such as Keyfuels and UKfuels. 

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Lower fuel costs eliminated paperwork and reduced administration are just the start of the standard member benefits. One weekly invoice means up to two weeks of free credit before direct debit payment. As a FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS customer, you will always talk to your dedicated account manager, who knows you. Other benefits include 24/7, secure online account access. Custom reports are available on-demand, for downloading directly into standard business packages. Plus, the use of our online account management system means that the whole process can be paperless and administration-free. 

For Smiths News Contractors visit our FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS introduction page. Complete the enquiry form, and Michael Gallacher will call you back.