Qatar Post choose LiBIao’s robotic parcel sortation technology

Qatar Post choose LiBIao’s robotic parcel sortation technology

Qatar Post – the national postal services provider in Qatar – has placed an order for a new parcel sortation system based on autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology developed and supplied by LiBiao Robotics.

Installation of the new system is set to commence in April and is expected to be completed in just four weeks.

Sortation robots – such as Libiao’s ‘Mini Yellow’ series – are proving an attractive alternative to the fixed tilt-tray and cross-belt conveyor-based sortation systems that have historically been used within parcel services operations.

Cost-effective and flexible, sortation robots require a significantly smaller floor area within which to operate than a conveyor-based sorter to achieve the same parcel throughput statistics. Furthermore, with no fixed infrastructure requirements, modular AMR-based systems are scalable and, because additional robots are easily introduced as and when they are required, they offer the flexibility needed to cope with any spikes in throughput.

Libiao’s ‘Mini Yellow’ AMR sortation technology is in operation at a number of sites in the Middle East. In Dubai, for example, the introduction of 156 LiBiao robots has allowed BFL (Brands For Less) Group to transform its central fulfilment centre into a robotics operated sorting facility. Downtime has decreased while productivity and workflow efficiency have increased significantly since the switch to robotic warehouse technology.

Meanwhile in Israel the leading distribution and parcels courier business, Cheetah Group, has installed a two-layer LiBiao sortation solution featuring 200 robots that deliver to over 1,000 destination chutes.

As LiBiao’s international client base continues to grow, an estimated two billion parcels are processed using LiBiao AMRs each year.