• Audit information enables a supply chain company to reduce its print costs by 33% and increase printer performance by 25% say Renovotec

Supply chain solutions and services company Renovotec is launching a free three-month trial for its printer audit service, the company announced today. The audit helps a supply chain company to understand its printer estate: how many printers it has, where they are located and what condition they are in. This enables management to make timely media and maintenance decisions that can reduce print costs by more than a third and increase shopfloor and warehouse printer productivity by over 25% according to Renovotec industry feedback.

Renovotec’s printer audits are proven and powerful according to the company, which has used its experience to accurately track a range of life cycles for both newer and legacy printers, measuring total cost of ownership (TCO), from acquisition to recycling and disposal. User surveys show that printer downtime is reduced and operational longevity is increased as a result.

Printer auditing can be applied to all print delivery environments including conventional, cloud, rental and fully outsourced options. Analyst IDC forecasts that six in ten organisations will be opting for managed print services (MPS) by 2024, attracted by the lower print cost and higher performance that MPS can offer. Renovotec is one of the first industry providers to deliver MPS labelling and printer fleets in warehousing, logistics and supply chain: historically MPS has been office-only.

“Print is vital to the supply chain but is not always given the attention it deserves” says Renovotec CEO Richard Gilliard. “This free trial will help to educate the industry on the business benefits of printer estate auditing and the data that it delivers.”