Share launches online warehouse exchange. launches online warehouse exchange.

Freight exchange platform have just launched the Warehouse Exchange.
The Warehouse Exchange enables warehouse operators to sell their space quickly and easily. These operators can specify how much space they have available, the types of goods they can store and what additional facilities or services they offer.
Potential customers can either search for a warehouse provider or submit a space enquiry and let the warehouse providers come to them.
The Warehouse Exchange uses an intelligent matching system which matches customer space enquiries with providers who meet their specific requirements. The matching system then sends out alerts to all providers who can fulfil the requirement.
Inspired by the success of, we saw an opportunity to take what we knew worked in the haulage industry and adapt it to the UK warehouse market by developing a similar platform”, explains MD, Richard Newbold. “There is high demand for warehouse space and until now there has been no quick and easy way to find it.
There are literally thousands of warehouse providers across the UK that have available space that isn’t being fully utilised. The Warehouse Exchange will match these providers with businesses looking for space helping them turn empty space into extra revenue.” Newbold adds: “Best of all the Warehouse Exchange is completely free for both customers and providers, many of members have already jumped on board and started using the new platform.”
The Warehouse Exchange will drive sales leads to providers who are looking to sell their space through space enquiries which both businesses and individuals can submit without having to become members.
Many businesses have seasonal or un-forecasted stock movements and are forced to find third party warehouse providers. The Warehouse Exchange makes it easy for these businesses to quickly find solutions that match their requirements and at no cost.
“We aim to make the Warehouse Exchange the quickest and easiest way to find and sell warehouse space on the web,” continues Newbold. “We will be working closely with our users to develop new features and functions as the platform continues to grow.”

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