Rite-Hite Launches Comprehensive New Guide to Cold Storage

Rite-Hite Launches Comprehensive New Guide to Cold Storage

Rite-Hite, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial health and safety equipment, has published a new free guide to Cold Storage, giving facilities managers an in-depth overview of recent regulatory changes, technological advances and trends, and best practice for ensuring efficiency and compliance in any cold storage facility or environment.

The guide takes a comprehensive look at the biggest challenges that managers of Cold Storage facilities face – from cold chain integrity and employee safety through to regulation and compliance and risk mitigation.  

It explores the latest trends towards bigger, higher Cold Storage facilities and the issues these create, especially when it comes to temperature control and energy management, and considers how new technology and solutions are addressing these challenges to meet best-practice standards.

Thorsten Mauritz, Marketing Manager (Europe) at Rite-Hite, says that the Cold Storage industry is undergoing a massive shift: “New regulations are putting an increased emphasis on product integrity and safety, advanced technologies are allowing for more efficient and transparent operations, and consumer behaviours are driving an Amazon effect of bigger and taller warehouse storage,” Thorsten says.

“As a facility manager, it’s vital to stay on top of all these trends and make sure your facility is staying ahead of the curve with the newest technologies and procedures to ensure the stringent standards and increased customer demands are being met.

“Our guide shows how a range of solutions from drive-through loading docks and airtight seals on the exterior of the plant to high-speed doors, smart controls and advanced safety systems on the inside, can help deliver a safer, more compliant and more prosperous future.”

The guide is free to download here