Rite-Hite launches new management system for optimum control of HVLS Fans

Rite-Hite launches new management system for optimum control of HVLS Fans

Rite-Hite, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial health and safety equipment, has launched a new wireless fan control system to further improve the working conditions in warehouse and logistics environments.

The new Fan Commander 2.0 is a touch-screen control box which enables operators to remotely control fan settings via Wi-Fi from a single location. Thanks to its powerful and innovative technology, the new Fan Commander 2.0 can coordinate the operation of up to 24 high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) Rite-Hite fans, located up to 120 meters apart.

Fans can be arranged into four separate zones and still be operated simultaneously or independently, as well as being turned on and off. Fan speeds are also adjustable in 1% increments between the 20% and 100% settings. Weekly schedules can also be programmed, allowing fans to operate only when needed, hence maximising energy saving.

Additionally, the new Fan Commander 2.0, can be fully integrated within a Building Management System (BMS), enabling users to run diagnostics with other building functions, providing further energy saving capabilities and delivering greater employee comfort.

Thorsten Mauritz, Marketing Manager (Europe) at Rite-Hite, says Fan Commander 2.0 is a great energy saving product: “The Fan Commander 2.0 puts facilities managers in total control of their fans,” he explains.

“In the winter months, the fans only operate when needed, reducing energy consumption and reducing costs. In the summer, when fans are in greater demand, they can be programmed to deliver the optimum performance, taking into account different working patterns and the busiest times of the day.”

The Fan Commander 2.0 is compatible with the full range of Rite-Hite Revolution HVLS fans. It further contributes to operational efficiency by removing the need to visit each individual fan to make adjustments. The control station is password-protected to prevent unauthorized users from adjusting fan speeds.

The Revolution fan is Rite-Hite’s original HVLS Fan and has become today’s standard for low cost, high-efficiency climate control, delivering the most air movement of any HVLS fan on the market. Thanks to blade diameters of up to seven meters, these fans are ideal for any large facilities with high ceilings.  Rite-Hite Revolution fans range offers a simple upgrade for any facility, and a smart, economical, green choice.

A number of safeguards are built into the Fan Commander. It features an internal battery, so it retains custom settings in the event of a power failure. Additionally, the control boxes used to relay signals to and from the main control station can be mounted high on walls or columns to avoid damage and minimize the cost of wiring.