Robust, Dexterous and Pink – Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK) moves in a new direction with Jungheinrich.

Robust, Dexterous and Pink – Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK) moves in a new direction with Jungheinrich.

Wall Colmonoy Limited, based in Pontardawe, Wales, is an advanced materials company that manufactures surfacing and brazing alloys; castings and precision machined components and provides advanced metal coatings, brazing and heat treatment across Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Defense, Glass Container and other industrial sectors.

The processing of these hardwearing powders, pastes and castings, is highly dependent on the smooth movement of raw materials and finished goods within a harsh, fast-pace manufacturing environment. Adherence to tight scheduling is paramount.

The company’s forklift fleet is instrumental in the manufacturing process, moving materials quickly and efficiently between three factory units on the same site. Working in challenging conditions to perform fast-moving operations means that it is essential that the trucks are both robust and dexterous – robust enough to handle highly abrasive materials, and dexterous enough to work around the clock, 24 hours a day.
The company turned to Jungheinrich UK when their existing fleet reached the end of its life. They purchased five new, and five refurbished, Jungheinrich EFG electric 3-wheel counterbalance trucks, which were delivered in spring last year. The trucks were supplied together with a full maintenance service contract.

“When we came to renew our trucks we chose Jungheinrich. I already knew their reputation for reliability and we needed tough trucks,” says Ian McDonald, Purchasing Manager, Wall Colmonoy Limited. “The powder we manufacture is incredibly heavy and dense – typically around 6 kilos per litre, compared with water which is just 1 kilo per litre. The fleet must be fit to transport great quantities of raw materials and finished goods around the factory,” he says. And, with hundreds of tonnes of material transported each month, a tough and reliable forklift fleet remained a top priority for the business.

“We required a special attachment to be fitted to the forks on one of the trucks to allow us very precise, controlled movement within the foundry,” says McDonald. “We were pleased that Jungheinrich could supply this.”

The company also requested that this specially equipped Jungheinrich truck was painted a bright pink – bold against the remaining fleet of standard yellow trucks. “It was important that the truck used in the foundry was the only one used there. We wanted to have an obvious means of identifying if somebody happened to take one of the other trucks and use it in the foundry – because they are not built for it,” says McDonald. The bright pink ‘castings truck’ could be easily distinguished from the remaining fleet, reducing the risk of accidents and damaged equipment.

McDonald concludes: “Of course, another important reason we chose Jungheinrich was because they were the most competitive option on the market – they were good value. The service levels they offered were great and we have been very pleased with the performance of the trucks themselves. But above all, we felt like an important customer to Jungheinrich and that our needs really mattered.”