Schoeller Allibert supports Under The Pole 3 years scientific expedition.

Schoeller Allibert supports Under The Pole 3 years scientific expedition.

On May 20th, 2017, the explorers team of Under The Pole set sail for a 3 years’ expedition around the world, from one pole to another, to conduct scientific experiments and educate the world about life in great depth. Schoeller Allibert chose to support Under The Pole because they share similar values, which are a broader respect of the environment and a thirst of innovation and environmental knowledge.

Under The Pole’s goal is to solve a major question of biodiversity: with pollution, climate warming and human activity, how life adapts itself to great depth when it is at risk near the surface? To answer this question among many others, their two-master ship, the WHY, will sail across the pacific with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, scuba divers, sailors, cameramen, photographers and doctors. During those 3 years, more than 100 scientists and researchers will aboard the WHY for temporary missions on bio-fluorescence, deep corals, sharks, human body resistance, and more.

Françoise Pomes, Marketing Director of Schoeller Allibert Group explains their sponsoring:
“We have been a partner supplier of the fishing supply chain for 40 years with the development of many bespoke models of fish crates for local uses and technics while being strongly involved in the elimination of waste packaging within the industry. This scientific expedition is a great opportunity to analyse the status of our oceans and to raise awareness among children and adults about the importance of respecting oceans, stopping pollution and understanding how other species live in extreme condition to develop meaningful applications.” Schoeller Allibert, will be providing technical help on the storage of materials thanks to their multiple solutions of foldable crates and attached lid containers, capable of withstanding deep frost and long term outside storage.

Erwan Marivint, Head of Partnership at Under The Pole, is very enthusiastic about having Schoeller Allibert as a technical sponsor: “Schoeller Allibert is the leader of reusable plastics. The group has a great respect for the environment and develop qualitative products that are very functional for us on the ship thanks to their foldability, and that can last longer even in harsh conditions thanks to their smart engineering design. We are happy to know that, if a product is broken during our 3 years’ expedition, they will be able to fully recycle it and send it back as brand new!”

After ten years, two previous expeditions and two deep diving records, Under The Pole’s challenge is now to dive longer than before in order to better understand how life spreads out in the oceans. For this purpose, an underwater life capsule will be developed by the team to strongly extend the time spent underwater of up to 72 hours, allowing the divers to revolutionize scientific studies in underwater environment, especially deep ones. Their goal is to reach 500 deep diving in 36 months. The scientific work will focus on the study of the twilight zone, a little-explored area located around 50-150 meters below sea-level.

Beyond this scientific program, Under The Pole hopes to be a driving force for the creation of new Protected Sea Area. More information here:

Schoeller Allibert will be providing regular updates about their achievements along the way.