Scurri acquires specialist conversational AI platform, HelloDone, to offer enhanced customer services within the delivery experience

Scurri acquires specialist conversational AI platform, HelloDone, to offer enhanced customer services within the delivery experience

Acquisition will further expand Scurri’s delivery management and post-purchase capabilities for ecommerce retailers and brands

Delivery management platform, Scurri, today announced the acquisition of HelloDone, the UK-based, market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) platform which provides conversational AI solutions to retailers and brands. 

HelloDone’s industry-leading conversational AI solution answers post-purchase customer queries on digital messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.  This enables retailers to automate responses to customer queries via AI-powered chat, offering effective and immediate resolutions of customer needs at scale to deliver enhanced delivery experiences and customer service.  HelloDone’s solution strongly complements Scurri’s offer and will augment its existing carrier management and post-purchase solutions already available to leading ecommerce brands and retailers. 

The acquisition will see the HelloDone team join Scurri, adding rich, specialist AI expertise to Scurri’s existing product and engineering functions to accelerate product innovation.  Scurri will also acquire all technology, trademarks, intellectual property and clients. This acquisition is being achieved via a restructuring by transfer arrangement.

“Scurri’s acquisition of HelloDone demonstrates our commitment and ambition to accelerate growth for our customers by empowering them to be at the forefront of the AI revolution that is rapidly changing the retail industry,” said Rory O’Connor, Founder & CEO of Scurri.  “HelloDone’s technology offering is highly complementary to ours and will enable us to unleash new capabilities and give our customers even greater control over the most fundamental pillars of their business – delivery.”

“HelloDone’s services are highly synergistic with Scurri’s and we are excited by this opportunity to blend our collective knowledge, expertise and technology to provide a distinct competitive advantages as a fully integrated solution-driven delivery and post-purchase service provider,” commented Ed Hodges, Founder & CEO at HelloDone.

In 2023, Scurri reported an increase in the total gross merchandising value (GMV) of goods processed through its platform, which totalled over €12 billion.  With over 1,000 carrier services and 97% carrier coverage in the UK, Scurri provides a robust and reliable last mile delivery service to retailers.  The company offers the highest level of flexibility in the industry for effective carrier management and shipment allocation, to improve speed and choice for shoppers, as well as maintain cost-effective and efficient fulfilment operations for retailers.  Last year as the company launched its post-purchase experience solution, Scurri Track Plus which allows retailers and brands to take ownership of post-sale communications and deliver branded delivery updates.