SICK Long-Range Distance Sensors Deliver High Performance Laser Measurement.

SICK Long-Range Distance Sensors Deliver High Performance Laser Measurement.

SICK has pushed the boundaries of long-range laser sensing with the launch of the versatile DT1000 and DL1000 distance sensors to achieve highly-accurate measurement for positioning and non-contact collision avoidance of cranes and vehicle management in freight yards.

With SICK’s innovative HDDM+ (High Definition Distance Measurement) technology onboard, users can have confidence in the consistent reliability of the sensor even when faced with bright light, bad weather, dust, smoke or mist.

The SICK DT1000 and DL1000 achieve best-in-class real-time repeatability and reliability with a measurement range spanning 0.2m to 1500m and cycling time of less than 1 millisecond.  Providing accurate and reliable measurement of distance to objects that are either static or moving in the sensor’s line of sight, they can also be set up to track the movement of an object across the sensor’s beam.  They are therefore ideal for tasks such as precision positioning and collision avoidance of cranes in container freight yards or for the efficient management of transport vehicles in freight distribution centres.

Explains Darren Pratt SICK UK’s Product Manager for Distance Sensors, “Both the DT1000 and DL1000 offer sub-millimetre resolution which means highly-accurate results. SICK’s powerful HDDM+ with multi-echo technology masks out the false signals received from unwanted laser reflections caused by rain, snow, fog or dust.  The sensors are also unaffected by bright sunlight.

“The versatile sensors can be adapted to the individual measuring task with scalable adjustment to optimise distance and measurement cycle time. The sensors can be commissioned quickly and safely using SICK’s SOPAS PC-based configuration tool or using the onboard graphical touch display.”

The class 1 eye-safe SICK DT1000 and DL1000 use a 905nm infrared laser for measurement and a visible red laser which is turned on for alignment.  The rugged dust-proof, waterproof IP65- or IP67-rated corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy housing has a heated glass window to prevent condensation and icing. The SICK DT1000 and DL1000 have an ambient operating temperature range of -40oC to +55oC.

The SICK DT1000 is designed for distance measurement up to 460 metres on naturally light-coloured objects and even 150 metres for matt black, which enables it to be used on a wide range of surfaces and objects.  The SICK DL1000 achieves a range of up to 1500 metres using a suitable reflector.

As standard all DT1000 and DL1000 sensors feature Ethernet communication, switchable RS422/SSI interface, 4-20mA and Push-pull transistor outputs.  The on-board touch-sensitive graphical interface enables easy navigation through the intuitive menu enabling easy set-up of the electrical interfaces, echo selection, maximum and minimum distances and status information.  The SICK SOPAS ET free-to-download PC software provides another option for parameterisation but also offers additional visualisation options, data logging and remote parameter configuration.