Palletising is a simple, repetitive task that lends itself perfectly to robotic automation and a new kit from RARUK Automation makes the transition both simple and quick. Its new Robotiq Palletising Kit provides the means to install, set-up and configure the solution to boost production efficiency, with hardware and software supplied ready-connected for a plug and play solution.

Designed for use with RARUK Automation’s Universal Robots, it provides manufacturers – irrespective of their size – with all the elements necessary to easily upgrade from manual to fully automated handling and the flexibility to re-programme the solution should the need arise.

The solution has a small footprint eliminating the need to re-organise the floor layout around a central robot and is capable of palletising up to 13 x 8kg boxes per minute; exact capacity is determined by box weight, dimensions, surface, pallet dimensions and layout. The kit comprises a robot base; vertical seventh axis, Robotiq gripper, bracket and suction cups; status lights, pallet and box sensors; cable management system and Robotiq Material Handling Copilot software.

An important element is the fully integrated, vertical seventh axis. Not only does this feature save time at the installation stage, it also means motion control is optimised to maximise the system’s return on investment. Additionally, seamless movements enhance the operational life of the cobot.

The Robotiq Airpick gripper, supplied as standard, creates a powerful vacuum via an external pneumatic vacuum generator. A tailor-made gripping solution can be created to suit the application as several suction cups are included in the kit.

Application set-up is accomplished in three simple steps directly on the robot control device. All that’s needed are the box dimensions and weight; pallet and conveyor dimensions; pallet pattern and number of layers required. The system will then optimise all trajectories and robot movements.

RARUK Automation also hosts a palletising simulator on its website so customers can prove the suitability of the Robotiq Palletising Solution for any given application before commitment. Once the keyed-in values are validated, it will advise how many boxes per minute can be palletised providing key performance indicators to support the investment. Find the simulator at Robotic Palletising Solution | RARUK Automation and also an animation to demonstrate the kit’s easy set-up and wide scope. And for those wishing to see the product in action, there is a full demo system at the RARUK Automation Applications’ Centre in Shefford.