Allpack Packaging Ltd, a leading UK distributor of transit packaging solutions, has credited international shipping software specialist SmartFreight for improved efficiencies in its logistics operation, through an integrated freight management system designed for businesses using multiple carriers for their shipping needs.

SmartFreight offers automatic Carrier Management Solutions (CMS) to manage high volume deliveries through one channel, with all the UK’s top carriers and the choice of the quickest, cheapest or greenest route.

Allpack uses a mix of its own fleet and external carriers for nationwide next-day or same-day delivery of innovative and cost-effective packaging from its distribution centre in the West Midlands, with SmartFreight playing a key role in providing the optimal delivery option for the firm.

As well as sourcing the best transport solution, SmartFreight’s technology provides financial reconciliation, eliminates dupliction of freight details and invoices, consolidates consignments and gross profit calculations as well as enabling client and customer tracking – a synchronisation of data which is helping Allpack to significantly reduce costs and increase productivity.

The family-run packaging business, which offers a consignment stock solution whereby customers only pay for what they have used, is moving to new premises in late 2020 as part of an ongoing growth strategy. SmartFreight is making a significant contribution because of the advantages the cloud-based system provides, says Claudio Calabresi, Allpack’s SAP consultant.

He explained: “The financial reconciliation is one of the great reasons why we use SmartFreight – thanks to them we know the cost of each delivery. We store the information in our system so at the end of the month we can reconcile the carrier invoices. This is a great cost and time-saving result for our financial department as it cuts out manual errors like duplicate invoices.”

Speedy delivery is of the essence for most of Allpack’s customers, but having a green option from SmartFreight is also important for the company’s vision of reducing its impact on the environment. Claudio also flagged up the benefits of access to a single carrier system instead of many carrier portals.

More than 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland are already using the SmartFreight platform, particularly suited to e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing businesses for optimising their deliveries of goods, whether they require the greenest, cheapest or fastest option.

Award-winning SmartFreight is part of the WiseTech Global group, a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally with customers including more than 8,000 of the world’s logistics companies across 130 countries. 

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