Static rules for lift trucks in flammable stores.

Static rules for lift trucks in flammable stores.

Forklift trucks used in flammable material storage areas, including warehouses, are required to have even greater safety measures from November 2017. The new EN1755:2015* standard will affect the management of ATEX compliant lift trucks as static will be considered a “normal” occurrence in hazardous areas.
“The risk of fire and explosion is present in many manufacturing logistics and third-party logistics operations where flammable material is handled,” says Rob Vesty from safety company Pyroban, which converts all types of lift trucks and materials handling equipment so they cannot be the source of an ignition.
“In logistics operations, flammable material is usually in sealed containers such as drums, IBCs or gas bottles, including aerosols,” he says. “These warehouses or outside storage areas may be formally classified as a hazardous area, where an ATEX compliant lift truck, pallet or stacker truck, reach truck or VNA is needed.”
EN1755:2015 is the updated EU standard that explosion protected materials handling equipment should be designed or converted to for ATEX 2014/34/EU** compliance. It supersedes EN1755:2000.
“One of the key changes is that static is now considered a “normal” occurrence in hazardous areas,” says Rob. “Static build up and friction can create enough energy to cause ignition.”
This will impact many elements of an ATEX-protected forklift truck, such as tyres, seats, arm rests, cabin sides and hydraulic systems. Although Pyroban’s ATEX conversion will address these issues, EN1755 changes will impact how logistics operations manage their fleet day-to-day. For example, tyres must now be antistatic in classified areas, with few exceptions.
“Specifying non-standard tyres increases lead times,” says Rob. “Operations may face downtime if explosion protected parts supply is not considered early enough.”
EN1755:2015 is not just about static. It affects all lift trucks operating in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Visit: www.pyroban.comor call +44(0)1273 456800 for more information.