TCM launch its new, highly innovative forklift.

TCM launch its new, highly innovative forklift.

The highly anticipated new TCM 3-wheel counter-balanced forklift is packed with ‘best-in-class’ features, surprising innovation and clever touches, designed to make it a truck for the future. TCM has listened to customers and designed a truck based on three key features; safety, operator comfort and fuel efficiency. The FB/FTB’s engineering is predicated on these 3 deliverables and it does not disappoint on any level.
Taking on its main rivals, it offers the lowest energy consumption within its class achieving a measured 4.2kWh/h energy consumption, which TCM say could make a significant cost saving over similar trucks. It also has the benefit of being configured for different battery options, so should an opportunity to switch be advantageous, the change-over is easy.
TCM have also challenged the convention that safety overrules performance. This truck offers both greater safety with higher performance. With a unique handling and travel system that means the elements of safety such as lifting, tilting and travelling are automatically balanced by load, lift height and tilt angle, which allows the operator more scope to focus on performance.
That’s not all. It also comes with dynamic cornering control, that keeps the truck stable and smooth in the tightest and sharpest operating routes and it automatically engages a parking brake should the truck stop on a ramp. In all there are now 16 safety features that come as standard on the new truck, giving greater protection than ever before, whilst allowing higher productivity. And that includes a secure, pin controlled onboard pre-operation checklist and overload alarm and a safe operation indicator.
TCM have really gone to town when it comes to driver visibility. Its Pro-vision concept gives the operator the best, clearest and clutter-free visibility to-date. A new mast design and low simple display panel open up the front perspective and reduce blindspots. Improved cab design which includes a bar type overhead guard and thin bar rear pillar provide 360-panoramic viability.
From an operator perspective, this truck is a dream. It starts with a wide, flat and low-level entry and foot space for large safety footwear. Moving up to the all-important control panel, which has a comfort-control arm a natural grip-shape design for operator stability and soft finger control. The control arm-rest and seating configuration that has endless adjustable configurations to suit everyone. The driving experience is intuitive and interactive driving force feedback which adjusts with speed.
The control panel has been sensibly designed with just the essentials and is suitable located on the cab but low down to avoid un-necessary distractions.
New multi-functional lift controllers give FL drivers the ability to travel with right hand on the lift lever with the left hand on the steering knob. Optimised speed control provides a smooth and subtle inching maneuver.
The truck is was launched to the Dealer Network in May and will be is available to order now.
Graham Jones’ TCM’s Dealership Director says that there is already tremendous interest in the new truck which he confidently predicts will become a market leader. “We have studied carefully what the market wants and what our own customers have been telling us. Our design and engineering team has focused on the core features, those that focus heavily on safety, practically bring benefits to operators and increase the efficiency of the truck”.
The FB/FTB is exclusively available through TCM’s national Dealer Network. Contact for details of local dealers who can provide demonstrations and more information.