The New KAUP Roll Clamp Range Improves Paper Handling Technique.

The New KAUP Roll Clamp Range Improves Paper Handling Technique.

The paper industry is an intense, fast-moving environment with little patience for any downtime, and operations running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Paper is produced in numerous manufacturing steps, including pulping, manufacturing and converting. It is then distributed and finally recycled. Each step of the process involves material handling activities, where raw materials, paper, other paper products and waste paper have to be moved, stored, loaded or unloaded.
To ensure this material handling operation is as productive as possible KAUP has re-designed their rotating Roll Clamp range T458B. This range is available in the UK through attachment manufacturer and KAUP distributor B&B Attachments.
During the design process several areas were thoroughly studied and revised to ensure that the new range is as safe, durable and easy to use as possible.
Modifications include an optimised clamping arm kinematics, which has been achieved by re-positioning the pivot point of the clamp arms. This has changed the arm contour of the T458B, which is now considerably thinner compared to the previous model. The clamping force is equally distributed, with a stronger arm connection and new retained contact pads, which have also been added. Contact pad options are available to suit your handling needs and ensure loads are carried safely and securely. The contact pads can be split so that rolls with different diameters can be carried at the same time.
The solid and slim arm design enables the clamps to pick up a roll without disturbing neighbouring stacks. The contact pads are shaped at the front and the short clamp arms can be adjusted when the clamp is rotated to 45°. This enables the clamp to handle rolls of varying diameters and ensures that the load is always centred.
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