Tompkins Robotics, a Division of Tompkins International, Partners with RightHand Robotics for Portable Material Handling Systems.

Tompkins Robotics, a Division of Tompkins International, Partners with RightHand Robotics for Portable Material Handling Systems.

Both companies are showcasing solutions at MODEX 2018, Tompkins Emerging Technology Center, and RightHand Robotics Demo Center.

Tompkins Robotics, a division of Tompkins International, and RightHand Robotics, a leader in robotic piece-picking solutions, announced today a collaboration that will combine the world’s first portable, automated sortation system, t-Sort, with RightPick, robotic piece-picking systems, providing unmatched flexibility and throughput for eCommerce and omni-channel fulfillment.

“The response from customers visiting our recently re-launched Emerging Technology Center to see these two systems working together has been extremely positive,” saidMike Futch, President of Tompkins Robotics. “Integrating RightHand’s best-in-class piece-picking technology with, Tompkins Robotics t-Sort provides a solution that can flexibly scale from a small operation in the backroom of a supercenter or mall anchor store, to dedicated fulfillment center application, processing millions of units a day.”

Tompkins Robotics offers the patented automated sortation system, t-Sort, in North America and Europe. This new and innovative robotic technology, proven in large eCommerce fulfillment installations, will help build world-class supply chains, providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. The t-Sort system performs much like a conventional tilt tray or crossbelt sorter. However, the unique and exciting difference is it uses completely independent robots. This difference provides any-to-any flow from induct stations to divert points in a modular system that is easy to reconfigure as business scales or to accommodate seasonal peaks.

“With t-Sort, Tompkins Robotics is delivering innovation to help retailers growing their eCommerce platforms or leveraging existing store footprint in an omni-channel business model,” said Leif Jentoft, Co-Founder of RightHand Robotics. “Combined with our ability to deliver the 3Rs of robotic piece-picking – range of products, rate, and reliability – with our RightPick. AI software, we believe, provides a welcome new set of options to our customers. We have recently installed t-Sort in our RightHand Robotics Demo Center and have already scheduled visits.”

RightPick is a combined software and hardware solution that handles the key task of picking individual items for eCommerce order fulfillment.  With RightPick, businesses can reduce costs and improve reliability of the fulfillment process for pharmaceuticals, electronics, grocery, apparel, and countless other industries. Unlike traditional factory robots, RightPick handles hundreds of thousands of different items using a machine learning backend, coupled with an intelligent gripper that works in concert with industry-leading robotic arms.

Tompkins Robotics and RightHand Robotics will be showcasing their technologies at MODEX in Atlanta, GA April 9-12. Tompkins Robotics will exhibit at booth #B727 and RightHand Robotics will be at booth #B4087.