Twill’s digital freight forwarder expands into Vietnam and Indonesia.

Twill’s digital freight forwarder expands into Vietnam and Indonesia.

Twill, a digital freight forwarder designed to make shipping simple, has today announced its expansion into Vietnam and Indonesia. Just eight months after first launching on the China to UK tradelane, Twill now also imports ocean freight from Vietnam and Indonesia to both the UK and Spain.

Building on the expertise of its partner company Damco, Twill is a digital platform which allows customers to book, manage and monitor shipments online at the click of a button.

Vietnam alone shipped US$210.8 billion worth of goods around the globe in 2016, and both countries offer huge opportunity and face increasing demand as freight forwarding continues to expand across the region.

Barbara Peric, Head of Operations at Twill commented: “We spend a lot of time with our customers here at Twill, understanding their needs so that we can provide them the best service possible. Given our partnership with Damco, we are able to expand and add new geographies to our service much faster than our competitors. This latest addition to our platform reflects what our customers are asking for, and as we continue to expand over the coming year, we will continue to add the tradelanes which are most relevant for them.”

Chris Coxon, Logistics Manager at PJA Distribution has used Twill for 27 shipments from China to the UK over the last six months. He added: “With Twill, it is so easy to see what you have booked, and what stage it is at – you can book a shipment in a matter of minutes. The clarity of the information available is excellent, as all the information you need is there at a glance. And the support provided by Twill staff throughout is second to none.”

Twill prides itself on having a proactive and knowledgeable customer care team that sits behind its innovative platform, to ensure that customers’ bookings are always well cared-for. Twill’s customer care team has representatives in Shanghai, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, the UK, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The platform will continue to expand over the coming months, offering export and import services from even more locations.

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