UKWA promoting workplace diversity.

UKWA promoting workplace diversity.

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) has announced that it will be working in partnership with not-for-profit social enterprise, Evenbreak, to promote the value of diversity in the logistics sector and, in particular, highlight the positive contribution that disabled employees can make to a business.

Evenbreak is a social enterprise formed to help inclusive employers attract more talented disabled people, help disabled jobseekers find work with employers who will value their skills and promote the business benefits of employing disabled people.

It aims to achieve these goals through a specialist job board – – that matches disabled job seekers with employers looking to build a diverse workforce.

“By advertising their vacancies on the Evenbreak job board, inclusive employers will attract disabled candidates that they may not find through any other recruitment channels, while disabled jobseekers can be confident that employers who have chosen to place their vacancies on this site are serious about looking beyond their disabilities to identify what skills they have to offer,” comments Evenbreak director, Jane Hatton.

She adds: “By promoting a positive image of disabled people in employment and the benefits of employing disabled people we also hope to balance out some of the current negative and inaccurate, portrayals of disabled people in the media.”

Peter Ward, CEO of UKWA, comments: “Employing people with disabilities benefits employers. For example, employees with disabilities are fully aware of how difficult looking for a job can be, and often try to compensate their deficits through greater efforts.

“The many hurdles which people with disabilities might encounter on a daily basis motivate them to accomplish even more. Therefore, they often show a greater loyalty to their employer as well as more motivation and UKWA will promote Evenbreak to its membership through various channels.”