Union Industries supplies and installs rugged Ramdoor roller doors to Yara UK Ltd warehouse facility

Union Industries supplies and installs rugged Ramdoor roller doors to Yara UK Ltd warehouse facility

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Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, has completed the supply and installation of two of its rugged Ramdoor rapid roller doors at Yara UK Ltd in Avonmouth.

This is the second time that Leeds-based Union Industries has supplied a pair of Ramdoors, known as the ‘Big Daddy’ of high speed doors, to Yara UK Ltd, which has undertaken substantial refurbishment works at its warehouse facilities close to the Severn Estuary in Avonmouth. 

Yara UK Ltd, a leading crop nutrition provider, specialising in nitrogen fertiliser for the farming and agricultural industries, had a requirement for replacement internal and external doors that would be capable of preventing moisture and dust ingress into the facility, and provide protection from the natural elements of the wind and rain.

The business requirement was for heavy duty doors with a durable coating.  Yara UK Ltd opted for the Ramdoor due to its extremely robust construction, high quality components and category five wind rating. 

Having already had two Ramdoors installed by Union Industries last year, Yara UK Ltd was confident that the investment was the right decision.

Steven Ewles, Terminal Manager for Yara Avonmouth, said: “We were very impressed with the quality of components used in the Ramdoor, and having already had two of these installed last year we know that it was the right decision to use them again.

“The service from the team at Union Industries is second to none, and we have every confidence that these new Ramdoors are exactly what we need at Yara UK Ltd to create the right environment for segregating our fertilisers, as well as protecting us from the elements.”

Richard Tarleton, Technical Sales Engineer for Union Industries, said: “The installation of two further Ramdoors at Yara UK Ltd is testament to the quality of our products, and we were pleased to have such a significant involvement at the redevelopment of the Yara UK Ltd base at Avonmouth.

“The Ramdoor is engineered to client-specific requirements, incorporating some of our most robust features, it is a heavy-duty door and has achieved Class 5 Wind Resistance, making it one of the highest quality doors on the market.  Yara UK Ltd is now the proud owner of four Ramdoors, and we were delighted that they chose Union Industries for a second time.”

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