When facilities specialist Dennis Security needed to find a van ramp to install at a customer’s warehouse, the company found the solution – provided by Thorworld Industries – was just a Google search away.

Dennis Security was in the process of helping its customer, a luxury retail brand, to relocate its storage facility to new premises offering triple the previous capacity.  While always willing to complete work ‘out of the ordinary,’ on this occasion the requirement for a loading bay was proving to be a challenge.

“We were all set for a fabricator to build a ramp to the architect’s specification, but the cost was prohibitive,” explained Matthew Stokes of Dennis Security. “I decided to look at alternative options and, after searching ‘ready made ramps’ on Google, I discovered Thorworld.”

A specialist in loading and unloading solutions, Thorworld quickly identified how to solve Dennis Security’s challenge and provide a robust, fit-for-purpose loading ramp within the project budget.

Given some unusual requirements in the loading ramp design, Thorworld enlisted its sales partner Loading Bay Service to conduct a technical survey at the warehouse.

“This was a particularly interesting project, in that the customer wanted ease of access for vans during working hours – but tight security when not in use,” said Warren Craig of Loading Bay Service.

The solution devised by Thorworld was a bespoke wide ramp, built to allow vans to reverse up to the warehouse’s raised access point for loading.  Like many companies post-lockdown, the customer has increased its use of vans for deliveries; the extra width of the ramp makes van usage quick and effective.

While the ramp was fixed to the building, Dennis Security specified that the ramp height was 600mm below the warehouse entrance – a deliberate choice to form a physical barrier and prevent thieves from being able to ram the roller shutters at night.

“The way the Thorworld ramp is positioned means that the warehouse staff can lower a dock leveller to enable access to the building, and then raise it like a drawbridge when not in use,” confirmed Matthew Stokes.

To complete the installation, Thorworld provided several features to make it suitable for pedestrian, as well as vehicular, access.  A special anti-slip coating on the ramp surface reduces the risk of falls, while handrails provide effective protection when working at height.

For Dennis Security, the ramp has delivered – and for the customer, it continues to do so.

“Thorworld and LBS were really responsive from start to finish. Everything from initial quote to technical survey to the finished ramp was hugely impressive, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”