Waberer’s results exceeding expectations both in Q4 2017 and full year.

Waberer’s results exceeding expectations both in Q4 2017 and full year.

Budapest based Waberer’s International Nyrt., the European leader in full truckload (FTL) transportation, today reports its financial results for Q4 2017 concluding December 31, 2017. Waberer’s sees a robust performance above expectations in 2017, demonstrating a successful implementation of its strategy. As for its future plans, the company remains focused on consolidating its position in the Central-Eastern Europe region through further value-accretive acquisitions. Waberer’s annual report with audited figures for 2017 will be presented to the Annual General Meeting in April 2018.


Revenue increases by 21% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2017 to EUR 179 mn

International Transportation Segment revenue increased by 24%, due to continuing price increases and acquisition effects

Regional Contract Logistics revenue up by 8% driven by year-on-year rise in warehouse capacity and higher prices

Recurring EBITDA increased by 47% year-on-year to EUR 21 mn in the fourth quarter

In the International Transportation Segment, recurring EBITDA grew by 49%, 11 pp of which was organic

EBITDA increased by 41% in the Regional Contract Logistics segment

Recurring EBIT rose strongly to EUR 5 mn in the fourth quarter

Recurring Net income increased to EUR 6.0 mn on positive one-time effects in tax and financial result, while fourth quarter EPS rose to EUR 0.40

Net leverage ratio decreased to 2.7 x recurring EBITDA as a result of higher profits and improved working capital management


For the definitions of non-IFRS measures and key performance indicators, please see the Fourth Quarter 2017 Financial Report here: