<strong>Why cleanliness is key to a good operating warehouse</strong> 

Why cleanliness is key to a good operating warehouse 

According to the latest government statistics, the number of warehouses in the UK has doubled in the last 10 years. Whether you’re in charge of your own or you’ve dabbled in picking and packing, you might be wondering what makes a ‘good’ warehouse.  

The answer is simple: cleanliness.  

If you’re looking to clean up your act, here are some simple ways you can level up your logistics business.  

What makes warehouses so dirty? 

Warehouses aren’t always the cleanest places on earth. And that’s normally due to the fact that the machinery and equipment that sits in warehouses often causes dirt and dust. Combine this with some places being hard to reach and you have a recipe for disaster. Or, should we say, a dirty warehouse.  

So, having measures in place to reduce dirt build-up, such as PVC strip curtains from suppliers like RS can be paramount for certain industries to reduce the chance of any issues arising.  

Why is cleanliness important? 

Health and Safety reasons 

Firstly, it’s important from a health and safety perspective. Slips, trips, and falls are common in the workplace, with 565,000 people each year sustaining an injury at work.  

Unclean surfaces can be slippery, which can increase the chances of your employees getting injured. But that’s not all. As a warehouse operator, you’re obligated to look after the health of your team by providing good working conditions. 

Although a few dust bunnies here and there might not seem like a big issue, even dusty working conditions can lead to huge complications for employees suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma.  

It helps increase the chances of investment  

If you were going to invest in a logistics business, would you choose one that’s spotless or one that’s grimy? We all know which one we’d pick! 

Not only does a clean warehouse improve the overall look of the site (and therefore employee satisfaction), but it also helps to increase the chances of investment. If you’re a business looking to grow, then a clean warehouse is paramount.  

It makes you more efficient 

Keeping your warehouse clean might sound like it takes away from your employees doing their job, but it does the opposite. Clean warehouses ensure your workers aren’t held back by delays caused by slippery floors, spills, or soils.  

If your employee sustains an injury, this slows down your warehouse operations. And treating injuries often takes significantly longer than doing a once-over of your warehouse!  

Final thoughts…  

Although cleaning your warehouse is probably not a job you look forward to, it’s a necessity in every logistics business. As a warehouse owner, it’s your duty to keep your employees safe from harm and provide them with a pleasant working environment.  

If cleanliness isn’t one of your non-negotiables, it should be.