Write supply chain success story with Intelligent Warehousing Solutions.

Write supply chain success story with Intelligent Warehousing Solutions.

By Kapil Makhija

The seasonal swell in market demand or the sales promotional drive places massive pressure on the logistics and warehousing operations of an enterprise. Faster and efficient order fulfilment ensure happy customers coming back to your product again and again.
CEO of Unicommerce eSolutions, Kapil Makhija knows how uphill task it is to run the warehouses optimally day-in and day-out. Making the warehouse management platform not just technically advanced but intelligent enough to minimise the human intervention was a challenge. The end product, however, is ruling the market with 10,000 customers across 220+ cities in a short span.
The warehouse management solution is available for both online and offline businesses, manufacturers, and individual store owners alike. Swift implementation of about a week or two spares the companies system downtime that leads to loss of sales opportunities. Average warehouse management ERPs take six months to a year’s time to get in place and start being functional.
Relying on standard warehouse ERPs was sufficient to put partial warehouse operations in place with generating updates on goods movement. The times of multichannel and omnichannel businesses have infused the market with a world of opportunities and simultaneously doubling the logistics challenges of the enterprises.
The new age warehousing solutions need to be scalable, reliable and customisable to meet the needs and challenges of businesses of all sizes.
Business landscape changes regularly. There is always a pressing need to figure out cost-effective operational measures to enhance the productivity and market reach.
Top features of the Unicommerce’s warehouse system
• Cloud-based warehousing program
• Absolute integration of online and offline business
• Enables seamless workflow of inventory, goods movement, logistics automation etc
• Advanced barcode reading software for intricate information gathering and tracking
• Real-time updates on goods movement
• Assures inventory accuracy across multiple channels of marketing
• Quick order integration from multichannel and error-free fulfilment
• Arms the warehouse staff with state-of-the-art technology to work efficiently reducing thrust on manual work and erroneous order dispatch
• Reduced time to picking, packing and shipping the orders
• Removes the bottleneck from bulk order dispatch function thereby decreasing logistics cost considerably
• Saves time in zeroing on logistics partners to fulfil the orders. One time guideline lists suitable shipping companies to dispatch particular order.
The advanced and thoughtful feature of pre-verified and integrated shipping partners takes the burden off of a crucial delivery process. The product automates logistics by assigning the courier partners with a few simple and easy to lay criteria, a one-time action. The feature weighs the requirements and lists out best suitable shipping partners to deliver the orders.
The warehouse management software serves both B2B and B2C businesses. The automated supply chain process meticulously oversees inventory mapping, goods flow, order readying and dispatching activities leaving little room for the lapse of information between the processes.
Supply chain specialists point out the discrepancies in the warehouse management solutions since some WMS excellently serve one or two warehousing activities, but rarely few systems take care of all the warehouse management issues in one stride as a seamless process.
Understanding the depth of such a concern, the Unicommerce WMS is tailored to meet all the needs of a warehousing function in one single and simple platform. The functions right from warehouse inward goods movement to order dispatch and delivery, the solution keeps track of supply chain function.
The businesses may find it especially helpful in knowing actual inventory position in the warehouses (across multiple locations) versus virtual inventory reflected in the system. This information assists making adequate stock planning and meeting buyers demand.
Customer returns management is a cumbersome issue for the businesses. Even a slight overseeing of details or communication may trigger disappointment in the customer. To avoid ruffling feathers with the customers the enterprises struggle to ensure the returns are handled carefully, providing prompt response and appropriate updates to the customer.
Since this warehouse platform has built-in RFID barcode reader, every detail about the returned product is tracked and rapidly updated in the system. Concurrently the returned stock information is reflected in the inventory software, accounting and sales ERPs.
Warehouse space utilisation is best achieved by the efficient planning of the stock layouts on the warehouse floor. The system here guides the inward stock to assigned shelf or area. The warehouse space allocation is decided by seasonal market demands, fast or slow-moving inventory, based on value etc. This compartmentalisation of stock helps the floor operatives reduce multiple rounds of trips through warehouse passages to pick the products. Reduced to & fro down the warehouse aisles increases the productivity of the warehouse staff and raises order fulfilment volume handled per person per day.
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