The practice of Zen focuses on self control helping other people – Zen Cargo is an innovative new company which specialises in digital freight forwarding by sea, air and road transport to provide customers with an easy, single source integrated supply chain supplier.
This concept is especially valuable to smaller businesses who operate regular monthly international trading and typically offering higher value, quality products on e-commerce channels such as Amazon but whose resources in terms of time, cost and expert personnel are limited. Zen Cargo lifts these responsibilities off your shoulders and literally enables companies to fast forward their freight movement and compete with bigger global expert internet retailers who benefit from in-house skills and financial presence. Instead of being reactive and having to follow trends, customers are enabled to be proactive and reap the enhanced rewards.
From the very first contact this clever system truly offloads the pressure and peace of mind.
The constant intrinsic and integrated benefits provide instant quotes and bookings in seconds, saving you precious time whilst storing and managing your account in the Cloud so saving paperwork impact and storage and providing electronic Bills of Lading . You get ongoing real time shipment tracking via 360 visibility enabling you to keep your customers (truthfully) in the picture. The focused centralised Zen customer support team via the personalised telephone and online facility keep communications clear and simple ensuring smart decisions based on constantly updated smart analytics data and worldwide experience. It’s a virtual freight office within your own premises so you are never in the dark as to what is happening.
As summed up by Zencargo’s CEO Alex Hersham “ Even the best technology won’t replace the human touch and great customer service. Despite the opportunity for digitising the freight forwarding industry, offering a personalised level of customer service will remain paramount. Managing the exceptions that can occur on any one shipment requires experienced logistics professionals, and so Zencargo’s agents are continually available at all points of the process. The bottom line is that our customers are noticing improvements in service and satisfaction, to say nothing of the welcome ability to monitor and control shipping costs ”
Diverse examples of delighted clients include the textile company G Modiano “ Zencargo is the future of freight and logistics, a one-stop shop conceived to save companies time and money and offer far greater visibility in to the supply chain”. In turn, the Natural Blender reaction was “The customer service team at Zencargo are above and beyond. They helped us to understand our logistics options and identify cost saving opportunities for the business. And at Galileo Watermark whose focus is amenity kits and onboard hospitality for the leisure sector they see Zencargo as a “Game changer. From having all our shipments visible in one place to the super, simple booking process Zencargo reduces headaches and overheads”.
Zen Cargo is a member of the key organisations – BIFA, the CILT and FIATA – so they certainly know their world constantly via reaching 90 different countries.
Come on board. Your enhanced future is ready to depart at