Extra Flexis help Polyco Healthline supply the NHS

Extra Flexis help Polyco Healthline supply the NHS

Long-term Flexi warehouse truck user, Polyco Healthline, has hired an additional four trucks from Narrow Aisle Ltd to support increased demand generated by the COVID-19 situation to supply the NHS with products from its range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Polyco is among the largest suppliers of protective products to the NHS and the London-based company, which has a distribution centre near Peterborough, has employed a fleet of Flexi VNA warehouse trucks for over 14 years.

Flexi articulated VNA trucks designed and built by Narrow Aisle Ltd give Polyco the performance edge they need by facilitating a highly efficient, low-cost dense storage solution which enables fast and safe pallet movements within its operation.

With an ability to work within very narrow aisle racking layouts, Flexi articulated trucks achieve high volume throughputs by stacking and retrieving pallets – which eliminates the need for time wasting ‘pick and deposit’ stations at aisle ends. At sites where traditional ‘guided Man Up’ VNA systems are deployed, these handover points rely on the use of additional forklifts to transfer the palletised loads between the aisle end ‘pick and deposit’ locations and the goods-in and goods-out zones – a process which incurs costly ‘double handling’ expenses.

Steve McCarthy, logistics manager at Polyco Healthline, said: “Hiring additional Flexis for our fleet will be of significant help as we scale up supply to meet the vital needs of the NHS at this critical time. As Flexi provide all of our handling needs, we do not need to source additional materials handling equipment from elsewhere.”

Narrow Aisle managing director, John Maguire, commented: “We are particularly glad to support our customer Polyco Healthline in meeting this essential need under such exceptional circumstances. We would also like to thank our team at the Tipton factory for their amazing response to the crisis and helping deliver these and other customers in the retail supply chain with mission-critical equipment.”