Kuehne + Nagel Turkey improve safety and productivity with NexSys™ TPPL technology batteries from EnerSys® .

Kuehne + Nagel Turkey improve safety and productivity with NexSys™ TPPL technology batteries from EnerSys® .

EnerSys® NexSys® TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology batteries have been chosen by Kuehne+Nagel to power vehicles at a new warehouse in Turkey, eliminating gas emissions thus increasing safety and reducing time loss on battery change.  EnerSys’ batteries offer fast charging, opportunity charging and zero battery change needs that deliver significant operational benefits, safety and lifetime cost savings compared with traditional flooded and gel battery alternatives.

Kuehne + Nagel Group is a leading integrated logistics solutions provider. Situated in a cross-road location between the Middle East and Europe, Kuehne + Nagel in Turkey is developing as an intercontinental logistics hub.

The Group’s two main warehouses in Turkey have a total area of 70,000 sqm. When building an additional 80,000 sqm, the company aimed to improve the new site to enable 2-shift work in the logistic centres, reduce gas emissions, ensure longer battery-life, improve productivityand avoid new charging station investment. EnerSys offered a solution with its NexSys TPPL batteries.

The emergence of a new type of lead-acid battery using TPPL technology now offers a practical, affordable and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional batteries and Lithium-ion designs. It offers significant operational benefits such as the ability to charge repeatedly from any depth of discharge (up to 80%) without affecting the condition of the battery. Moreover the increased reliability and elimination of water loss ensures that TPPL batteries are very low maintenance and cost-effective.

NexSys TPPL batteries with absorbed electrolyte are a virtually maintenance-free technology. As they are completely sealed, the creation of oxyhydrogen is minimised and the formation of acid aerosols is completely eliminated, so gas emissions are not only reduced but eliminated.

A major advantage of this advanced technology is that the need to exchange a battery is eliminated, thus greatly reducing the risk of manual handling accidents. Instead, the TPPL battery can be recharged for short periods whenever there is an opportunity. It offers the power of a conventional flooded lead acid battery together with the reduced maintenance of a gel battery, used in a multiple shift operation. All this comes associated with a rapid charging system, which brings the batteries back to full charge within the shortest time.

In addition to being cost-efficient, safer and virtually maintenance-free, NexSys® batteries are also environmentally friendly. Up to 90 per cent of the materials used in lead-acid batteries can be recycled.

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