Leading industry players sign up for Warehouse Exchange.

Leading industry players sign up for Warehouse Exchange.

Bibby Distribution, C.Butt , GEFCO, Howard Tenens, Mini Clipper and Yusen are just some of the leading names that have signed up for the Warehouse Exchange platform.The Warehouse Exchange has had over 1million m2 of warehouse space added to their platform in the first 3 weeks since their launch.
Richard Newbold, Founder of, said: “Over 150 companies have signed up to the Warehouse Exchange since it was launched less than 3 weeks ago.
There has been a quick uptake on the exchange platform from both companies looking for warehouse space and companies looking to sell their warehouse space.
A number of’s existing members have utilized the Warehouse Exchange to find warehouse space which they needed.
We expect the membership numbers to continue to grow and add to the nationwide coverage of warehouses on the platform.”
The Warehouse Exchange enables warehouse companies to sell their space quickly and easily. They can specify how much space they have available, the types of goods they can store and what additional facilities or services they offer.
Potential customers can either search for a warehouse or submit a space enquiry and let the warehouse companies come to them.
The Warehouse Exchange uses an intelligent matching system which matches space enquiries with providers who can meet the specific request. The matching system then sends out alerts to all warehouse providers who can fulfil the requirements.
Newbold continues: “We want to make it as easy as possible for companies to find warehouse space, as we know there is huge demand for space but until now there has been no quick and easy way to find it.
There are warehouse operators and 3pl’s all over the UK that have available capacity in their warehouses. Our platform will match these companies with businesses who need that space and are willing to pay for it.
In a similar way that helps hauliers turn their empty trucks into extra revenue, the Warehouse Exchange helps companies turn their available space into extra revenue.” Newbold adds “Don’t forget this is a completely free platform for companies looking for space or looking to fill their space.”
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