New Halo Bar is a saintly addition to Flexi warehouse trucks

New Halo Bar is a saintly addition to Flexi warehouse trucks

The Halo Bar is an innovative new accessory option developed by Narrow Aisle Ltd for use with all models in the extensive Flexi Truck range of articulated lift truck-based intralogistics very narrow aisle (VNA) storage solutions .

Developed as a mounting for radio data terminals (RDTs), hands-free order-picking screens, label printers etc, the Halo Bar is quickly and easily fitted to a Flexi Truck’s chassis.

Its sturdy ‘U’ shaped design sits to the fore of the Flexi’s steering column and at its highest point the top of the Halo Bar’s arc curves below the steering wheel to ensure unobstructed operator forward vision – even when several RDT screens or printers are fitted.

In addition to its role as a computer mounting accessory, the Halo Bar allows stepping into and down from the Flexi’s cab even easier for operators. Operators simply grip the bar’s strong 40mm diameter steel tube with one hand when entering and exiting the Flexi during stock picking operations. This ‘single handed’ entry and exit functionality is both comfortable and safe and, in pre-launch trials, proved extremely popular with operators.

The Halo Bar’s dual functionality makes Flexi models highly suited to modern storage facilities that use screen-based pick lists and fulfillment centres where a high degree of picking and order assembly work takes place alongside full pallet movements.

John Maguire, Narrow Aisle’s managing director, comments: “The Halo Bar is a simple design but we believe that it represents a valuable and ergonomically advanced alternative to, for example, attaching in-cab computer terminals to a truck’s overhead guard which can obstruct the operator’s forward visibility when stacking loads.”

He continues: “It is becoming quite common to see trucks in operation at some bigger sites with several truck-mounted, hands-free data terminals. The Halo Bar is designed to allow numerous devices to be positioned securely in the optimum viewing position without obstructing the operator’s forward or upward visibility.

“Also, the Halo Bar’s role as a convenient grip helps reduce the physical effort involved in getting on and off of the truck. With the range of operations undertaken within a modern warehouse continuing to grow significantly due to the rise of e-commerce, materials handling equipment is expected to carry out multiple tasks. So, at sites where a Flexi Truck operator is required to take on order picking and order assembly in addition to picking and putting away full pallet loads, the Halo Bar is particularly beneficial.”