Non-EDI users held up in the mail

Non-EDI users held up in the mail

Approximately 42% companies that do not use EDI, or use only a customer web portals, use post for exchanging documents. This is according to a survey of companies conducted this year for leading EDI company, Data Interchange, who also found that 27% use fax and 28% use a customer web portal. Email is the most popular method at 67%.

Companies using the ‘traditional’, non-EDI methods of exchange, such as post and fax, are losing out significantly, according to Colin Fisher, Head of Sales at Data Interchange. He explained: “Post, in particular, has a massive cost and time impact, both on the customer and the supplier, because it is a completely manual process.”

A GS1 UK white paper identified a £14 per order cost saving gained when using EDI compared to manual processes including phone, fax, post and email to order stock from suppliers. These cost savings are gained through the reduction in disputes caused by inconsistent data, reduced administration and paper work, faster moving stock and less compliance checks needed.
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