Smart Lighting Controls.

Smart Lighting Controls.

With the dawn of Smart & easy to use control systems in the home there is now a strong demand for equally flexible systems in commercial premises.

However the conception of a Smart system needs some smart thinking very early in the process to ensure the user has all the functionality they need & equally as important the ability to take control of it when the installers have finished.

Smart lighting controls should provide a wide range of benefits such as improving energy consumption, maximizing return on investment while also providing improved flexibility & control with fault reporting, energy consumption monitoring & emergency testing.

Most Energy Manager led projects are retrofit or refurbishment applications. Hence it is often the case existing cabling cannot accommodate the necessary BUS wiring & the cost of installing such a system can be prohibitive. Smart wireless solutions therefore allow a full range of control options using wireless data transmission thus eliminating the need to install additional wiring that would be required for a traditional DALI installation.

A wireless Smart installation simply requires a live, earth and neutral wiring connection and little need to modify your power cabling installation.

The other area that is potentially very costly for Smart systems has historically been the need for specialist engineers to commission, change & repair. Many of the latest systems have the ability to be commissioned by an app running on the resident engineers smart phone, thus avoiding costly calls outs for the simply day to day changes. This also reduces the risk that an unforeseen lapse of support from the original supplier in years to come will jeopardize the viability of the whole system within its lifetime.

A well planned smart system that is used & monitored correctly will deliver power savings. However to maximize total savings the smart control should always be partnered with high quality luminaires so as to reduce Facility Management, repair & testing regime costs that can be equally as significant. Hence this should be planned for as part of the system integration.

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